NewMarketWilm wants to see how you

spend your summer on Market Street!

Using the hashtag #SummerOnMarket on Instagram, share some of the fun things you do from now till Labor Day! We’ll regram our favorites every week!

Snap a shot of what you’re eating at some of the amazing restaurants on Market. Show us your favorite acts at this year’s Clifford Brown Jazz Festival or Ladybug Music Festival. Take a picture of your favorite drinks or what a night out with friends looks like!  Find a list of more examples and ideas for some fun shots below!

The best #SummerOnMarket shots will be published in our end of the summer poster which will be included in the next NewMarketWilm Lookbook!



Check out these fun shots to consider:

  1. Take your best foodgram with your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant

  2. Try a new dish at a restaurant you haven’t been to yet.

  3. Grab a cup at LOMA coffee with some friends

  4. Snap a #lattegram of some impressive latte art at LOMA or Brew Haha.

  5. Try something new at Masala Kitchen!

  6. Grab a shot of your favorite seasonal beer on tap at Chelsea Tavern or Ernest and Scott Taproom!

  7. Take a selfie with your server at any of the amazing places to eat on Market Street

  8. Get a group selfie with some friends while grabbing brunch on a Sunday.

  9. Grab some delicious soul food at Twisted Soul.

  10. Try some of the great pastries at Brew Haha and pair it with a fresh cup of coffee.

  11. Stop by Market Street Bread + Bagel to grab some breakfast on your way to work!

  12. Grab some Tacos and a drink at Cocina Lolo during their awesome happy hour!

  13. Stop by La Fia with some coworkers and try one of their delicious lunch sandwiches.

  14. Pick up two slices of Pizza for 2 Slice Tuesday at DeMeo’s Pizza.

  15. Grab half-priced wings at the Ernest and Scott Taproom.



  1. Early bird? Show us what Market Street looks like in the morning.

  2. Take a creative shot of the beautiful Grand Opera House.

  3. Let us know what your favorite building on Market Street is.

  4. Stop by Old Town Hall on a beautiful summer day.

  5. Get a selfie with Caesar Rodney.

  6. Show us your best “sunset on Market Street” shot.


  1. Grab your summer reading at the Ninth Street Book Shop.

  2. Try on some new clothes at Wright & Simon.

  3. Pick up some interesting vintage stuff at Spaceboy Clothing.

  4. Show us your favorite delectable at Govatos Chocolates.

  5. Stop by Dudes Haircuts & Shaves for a fresh cut.

  6. Buy something unique at Cherné Altovise.

  7. Stop by the Hotel DuPont Gift Shop and pick up something interesting for someone special!

  8. Stock up on some art supplies at Jerry’s Artarama and get creative!


  1. Try an Art Loop on a first Friday and make a gallery of some of your favorite works of art!

  2. Get really inspired and make it to every Art Loop this summer!

  3. Attend “Poetry as a Tool for Change” at the Wilmington Library featuring Delaware’s Poet Laureates, The Twin Poets.


  1. Head to the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival and take a selfie with the stage in the background.

  2. Record some video of your favorite jazz musician at the Festival.

  3. Bring a “jazz newbie” friend to the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival. 

  4. See if you can get a selfie with one of the performers at the musical festivals happening this summer.

  5. Catch a show at The Grand by yourself or with some friends!

  6. Try something new for lunch at the Downtown Farmers Market on Wednesdays.

  7. Buy some new plants for your home garden at the Downtown Farmers Market.

  8. Catch a set from a musician you have never heard at the Ladybug Music Festival.

  9. Take a picture of an interesting art installation at the Ladybug Music Festival.

  10. Check out a free art demo at the Ladybug Music Festival


  1. Get a selfie with your favorite bartender at your favorite bar.

  2. Get a video of a bartender mixing your drink.

  3. Stop by The Nomad for some live music and some cocktails.

  4. Try a drink you’ve never tried before at La Fia.

  5. Spend a Saturday night at Ernest and Scott for drink specials and a live DJ.

  6. Spend a Tuesday night at Chelsea Tavern for a Geeks Who Drink trivia night.

  7. Learn some moves or just have some fun at Grand Baile on June 2 at the Grand!

  8. Spend a girl’s night out with your friends at your favorite bar!

  9. Join a NewMarketWilm Meetup event!


  1. Learn about our state’s history at the Delaware History Museum.

  2. Participate in the Pop-Up Museum event celebrating Immigrant Heritage month at the Delaware History Museum. 

  3. Show us your favorite place to go on Market Street.

  4. Snap a pic of your favorite seasonal flavor at the UDairy Creamery.

  5. See if you can find the historical landmark on Market Street that has a connection with Civil War history.

  6. Celebrate the first day of summer on Market Street.

  7. Stop by the NewMarketWilm booth at the Downtown Farmers Market

  8. Photo bomb the NewMarketWilm display in the Visitor’s Bureau window in June!

  9. Snap a shot of your furry friend enjoying a Market Street stroll.


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