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This week, we celebrate everything Made on Market, with special offers at the shops, restaurants and cafes that make Market unique. Whether it’s pressed, churned, baked, poured, or brewed … we want to know more, so we took a little walk down the street and popped in on five spots that are definitely making things happen on Market. (For the full list of EVERYTHING that’s happening this week, click here.)

At Stitch House, Kyle McLaughlin told us they’ve brewed up something special just for Made on Market week…

“So it’s called Black Market, because it’s a black IP and we’re on Market Street … not for whatever other negative connotation that you might think. It’s a 7.2 percent black IPA, so it looks like a stout but it’s hoppy like an IPA. It’s very smooth, and it hits a lot of different flavor notes. Not a lot of people brew black IPAs, so we wanted to do something different for the week. It’s $5 all week, and $4 at happy hour.”

“All of our beers are made on Market. The tanks are full right now. And we’re doing a beer for the Ladybug Festival, in collaboration with Mispillion River Brewing. It’s the first beer of ours that will be in a can.”

A couple doors down, Joe Van Horn at Chelsea Tavern has a $7 special on the Delaware Destroyer, the burger that won the Delaware Burger Battle last year. But more here is Made on Market than you might think…

“So we make the roll here. The Delaware Destroyer is an 8-ounce patty of 100% Hereford beef, red onion and lettuce, with pepper jack cheese, a slice of scrapple and a smoked tomato aioli, on a house-baked bun.”

“At the Burger Battle, the one edge we always have is the fact that we bake our own bread. But we kinda took the risk with the scrapple. It’s Delaware scrapple, Rapa, from Bridgeville. So for the Delaware Destroyer, it’s Delaware scrapple on a Delaware roll, assembled on a Delaware street. And the Burger Battle proved there were a lot of people who had never had scrapple before that tried it for the first time, and we had a lot of people who found out they like scrapple. So we just want to get it in more mouths.”

LeeAnne Ahamad gave us a little insight into how the team at UD Creamery developed a new flavor for Made on Market week…

“We have a food science intern named Tyler Evans, so he’s the one who works on all our flavor development. He was trying to find the history of our building at first, and went down to the Delaware Historical Society to get more information. That’s when he started looking at the Port of Wilmington, and it seemed like such a natural fit.”

“So the flavor is called Port of Wilmington. It is a fresh banana ice cream with all the fruits from the boat. We have apricots, peaches, bing cherries and a guava swirl, and it recognizes the Port of Wilmington being the number one banana port in North America, as well as a very large tropical fruit port.”

At Spaceboy Clothing, if you buy one graphic shirt this week, you can get a Delaware-themed shirt for half price. Noah Merenda told us they’ve been celebrating Delaware on shirts from the very beginning…

“The Delaware theme just came out of pride. We started the label and the brand to bring something to Delaware, so I think it was important when we opened to have something that was Delaware themed. We’ve had a lot of different Delaware-themed shirts over the years, and Wilmington-themed shirts. Being in the city, we’ve always tried to connect with Wilmington … though people will come in here and say, what, you don’t have a New Castle shirt? A Bear shirt?”

“But everything we have in the store is local. It might not have Delaware on it, but it’s made from someone who is connected to Delaware, so if you shop with us, you’re supporting a local artist. You’re shopping Delaware when you shop here.”

And over at LOMA Coffee, Mary Hoehn has an idea for a quick lunch that will definitely get you through the afternoon…

“We’re doing $5 cranberry chicken salad sandwiches, and any-size German chocolate lattes, hot or iced, for $2. It’s a pretty sweet deal. It’s dark mocha, caramel and coconut, and we pull double shots, so you’re getting bang for your buck in there.”

“It’s honestly just an underrated latte. We love it, and the people who try it do, so we thought we’d give it some extra love.”

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