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With Rodney Square reconstruction about to get underway, the Downtown Farmer’s Market has had to find a new home this summer. And it found one, on Market.

Literally on Market.

The street from 10th to 11th streets outside the DuPont Building will be blocked off on Wednesdays this summer as the market sets up shop, with many returning food truck favorites, from Deerhead Hot Dogs to Zoagies sandwiches (alphabetically speaking). We spoke with market manager Tucker Casey about how the market continues to grow every season…

“About two years ago, they told us there was going to be a remodeling, so we put together a plan to move all of our food trucks up to the top of Rodney Square. The footprint is excellent. It's turned it into a much better path for pedestrians to travel, almost like a mall.”

“Some of the tent vendors we didn't bring with us because they’ve built themselves a crowd and a following, and they’ve been able to invest in a full-fledged food truck. Mojo Loco and Zoagies, they have new trucks. KOI on the Go has a new truck too. Paul and Griselda, they worked in that little shiny little metal truck for years, and now they've got this big, beautiful, blue truck that still doesn’t have a logo because they don't have time to take it off the road.”

“And there’s Nude Food. They were new last year, as a fill-in. This year, they're full-time, and they also have that new restaurant over in Little Italy, V-Trap Kitchen. And WiLDWiCH, KaPow, Outlandish, they all have brick and mortar stores now, but they come back here on Wednesdays.”

“I get emails: “Do you know if KaPow is coming back?” “What about Deerhead?” Deerhead, they were here on Tuesdays last year, but as that truck slowly built, people wanted to see more. This year, they’re in for a whole year.”

“People will literally wait a week until Wednesday to eat at their favorite trucks. It’s great to see them all grow and thrive and continue to do well. Some of them were amateurs at one point, and now this is what they do full time, throughout the summer.”

“Starting this week, UD Creamery will be in a tent. That will be a draw for people. Over the summer, we're having a couple chef demonstrations with Chef Matthew Casey and Sorbello Farms, with whatever vegetables are up at that time. Chef Matthew actually my brother, and he's teaching culinary arts at Del Tech and in the Appoquinimink School District.”

“And we have our veggie giveaway, which is very popular, and sponsored by Chase Bank. I hand out 400-500 of these little orange bags a year, and if you have that bag on a certain day once a month, Sorbello Farms will give you a bag of free vegetables, whatever is in season, thanks to Chase.”

“So we’re getting to a lot more foot traffic from people just walking by, and I'm finding that people are staying a lot longer. In the little nooks and crannies on the street, we have picnic tables and cafe tables, for more of a street fair feeling. It’s going great.”

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