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On the first truly beautiful spring day of 2019, we couldn’t sit around the office. So we took our cameras and our recorders to see what was happening on the street. We started at 2nd Street and gave ourselves an hour … and we only got as far as 5th street, but does that matter? It’s the journey, right? And the destination, from beginning to end, is all Market.


Inside Dude’s Haircuts and Shaves, there’s a customer in the chair and Darnell Wootson has clippers in hand, already in high spirits for the day.

“It's a beautiful morning around here, man. Nice cup of coffee on the corner. I’m here and focused, ready to service the people. Got all that good sun out there to motivate you to put out some good work.”


At Al’s Sporting Goods, it takes a little convincing to get owner Bob Hart to pose.

“We just got through baseball season, which is very busy for us. And the shorts and sneakers will pick up as it gets warmer. So I'm running around here all day.”

“My dad, Stan, just passed away in March. He worked here 77 years. A lot of people knew him. He was 92. He started as a stock person when he was 16 and then bought the place. He would still come in five days a week, four or five hours a day. He worked right up until November. It's a feel good story, if that's what you came for.”


Outside LoMa Coffee, we come across Evan Inatome of Elixr Coffee in Philly, enjoying some quiet time with Christine and Katsu.

“We're just visiting today – I'm from Philly. We’re working on a project with the Delaware Food Bank in Newark. We're helping them with their coffee program up there. They're opening up a cafe, and a farm stand, and starting culinary classes. Their new facility is amazing.”


As we’re crossing Fourth Street, a slow wind makes us aware of something delicious at D&H Jamaican Cuisine. We ask Mohammed Diallo about what he’d recommend for lunch.

“I sell grilled chicken and oxtail a lot. The jerk is spicy, good. People mix it up sometimes – oxtail and jerk chicken. Mix and match. I sell it like a candy, like a candy – quick! Everybody likes spicy jerk, you know. They love it.”


There’s construction starting inside an unoccupied building at Fourth and Market. Tom Ogden of Heritage Construction says work just began this morning, and maybe we can get him to tell us what’s up.

“Is this for the InWilmington site?”

We’re our own thing, Tom. So what’s happening inside this space on Market?

“You’re welcome to walk through it. It's really cool. This is going to be a multimedia company coming in here. A bunch of young guys -- they're at the Amtrak station now, moving down here.”

“The space on East Fourth Street has already been framed out. That's going to be a permanent makeup business. They do temporary eyebrows, almost like tattooing. It's popular these days. That's a young couple moving in down there to do that. And they're doing a restaurant on the corner, a healthy food spot.”

All that coming soon, to Market. It’s amazing what you find, just walking down the street.

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