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March is Women’s History Month. It’s a month to celebrate women and the impact women have made—in our workplaces, in our lives, in our city.

Since NewMarketWilm tells the stories of the people, places, and experiences of Market Street—this month, we highlighted a few of the Women of Market—but that is only a snapshot of ALL the women who started and run their own businesses, perform in front of audiences, create, live, and work on Market.

In celebration of the end of this month-long series “Women of Market,” we want to share a special post...

Below we have highlighted every single woman of Market we have had the pleasure of featuring. From Eunice LaFate to Marie Miller. Whether she is a constant presence on Market, a visitor, or her journey has taken her on a different path, we wanted to spotlight her role in the New Market Wilm story.

Nalani & Sarina told us how they got their start at Chicky’s Pizza Pub, Brew Haha owner Alisa Morkides told us about her philosophy on life, and Alisha Gay told us about her vision of Wilmington’s future.

Thank you to all these women for their contribution to the Market Street story. Cheers to strong women—May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them.

Morgan’s of Delaware

Lauren, Downtown Resident

Hunter Clarke-Fields

Styles by Sassy

Cherné Bishop

Marie Miller

Melissa Bernard

Rebecca Parsons

Eunice LaFate

India Colon

Alisa Morkides

Brianna Hansen

Nalani & Sarina

Genny Pitts

Susan Kelliher

Ginny Rodgers

Lani Schweiger

Jean G. Dahlgren

Elizabeth "Tizzy" Lockman

Sarah Koon

Alisha Gay

Connie Drummond

Andrea Sikora

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