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A nondescript set of double doors open onto the breezeway between The Grand Opera House and Jimmy Johns on Market – at least they do some days, when the humidity is just right and hovering around a nice comfortable 35. On the other side of those doors sits the most sophisticated (and humidity sensitive) Xerox machine on Market Street. Tended to by a marketing team of four inside DLS Discovery – that would be Rebecca Simeone Lennon, Danielle Miller, Grace Hunsinger and new guy Stephen Moran, who’s on his second day at work but is totally fine with our cameras hanging around – this growing print shop serves businesses large and small around the city and on Market, though it’s a bit of an offshoot from DLS Discovery’s original business…

Rebecca (marketing executive): So DLS Discovery was born and bred inside legal, which means a lot of high-volume printing, scanning, copying, binding, delivery to courts, courier services, things like that. But a little over three years ago the company went looking for a graphic designer to join the team and spearhead the growing of the marketing department. So here we are, three years later.

Danielle (design and print manager): We turned a conference room into a print shop.

Rebecca: It was an unused rented space, and we were able to break through the wall and create the doors that we needed to bring the equipment in here. Now we can work with any size business to support their marketing needs, whether they need a logo designed or a brochure printed or they want to use us as a one-stop-shop for design, print and mail. What makes legal unique is that it’s a very quick turnaround business in terms of print jobs – last-minute rush requests, on-demand printing. So we wanted to use those strengths to differentiate ourselves from the competition out there.

Danielle: The thing we do the most is postcards, whether they’re for a mailing or just a straight print that schools to hand out. Our machine also has the capability of doing gold, clear and silver ink. So a lot of times now we're taking regular marketing jobs and taking them to the next level, which is awesome.

Rebecca: We can run any amount for a client, whether it's 30 or 30,000, with offset project quality at a digital price. And our team is very eclectic in terms of experience. So we're doing different things every day.

Danielle: I'm originally from Maryland, but I found the DCAD (the Delaware College of Art and Design), fell in love with it, went there for two years, then started here.

Rebecca: DCAD had a really great speed interviewing event for the best of their graduating class, which is how I found Danielle. I got to interview six students. I had her for the second interview and I had to have her.

Danielle: I started as an intern and then got hired on full time as a manager to help revitalize our marketing, grow the company and see where it went. It’s been a great opportunity for sure. I lived on Market when I went to DCAD and I got to walk to work, and I haven't left in four years.

Rebecca: For the past few years, we've been asking DCAD for more Danielles.

Danielle: I'm still very involved with the school and that's how my connections grow. I love the school and I think that they were a huge part of … well, like, it's a small school and I went straight to a small business, which kind of fit me perfectly.

Rebecca: It's an easy way to get talent and bring them in. We hand-painted a sign for an historical church down by the Brandywine River, down near Wilmington Hospital – first creating the stencil and then hand-painting it.

Danielle: I had experience in hand lettering in school, so I was like, all right, I can do this.

Rebecca: That was a crazy. It was a referral from a client and we just felt like we needed to help these ladies get this church sign rebuilt. It was just one of those things where I didn't really know what we were doing, but we took a chance and figured it out.

Danielle: No problem.

Rebecca: But we're really passionate about working on Market Street. We see the revitalization happening around here and we want to be a part of that growth. We want to be that à la carte service where they don't have to order online, they don't have to pay shipping and they can come pick it up – or we'll walk it right over to them. We have this ability to do that. We want to get more involved with downtown Wilmington because we're here and we're not leaving and we want to be able to offer this level of service, especially to people who don't need 10,000 postcards.

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