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Your daily workout, available at FitBody Personal Training, 207 North Market, www.myfitbodytraining.com

“The gym’s job is not to get you results. The gym’s job is to give you access to equipment.” That’s what FitBody Personal Training owner Osi Ofuani believes. Something else he believes: “Access to equipment” is not really what you want. You want to feel better. You want people who are going to motivate you and hold you accountable. And you may not know it, but you want people who are going to call when you miss a workout. “We're a close-knit group, so we're going to notice when you're not here,” Osi says. So, Osi, two weeks before Christmas … are you noticing a lot of people missing right now?

“Hah! Yeah, people are a little bit distracted by the holidays and the season and the gift giving. A lot of people wait ‘til the new year. I get it.”

“We've been in Wilmington since in 2013. We started off ... I don't know if you remember, the pop-up shops? Where they had small businesses come into downtown Wilmington, rent-free for the first three months, and if you decided you want to go forward you could stay in the same space? That was the first time I really set foot in Wilmington.”

“I went to college at Liberty University and was playing in a semi-pro football league, trying out for some pro teams. And I was confident that I was going to make it onto a team. But the very last practice that we had, I was running routes and I injured my knee. So all that went down the drain. I had to go into rehab, and I suffered from a lot of depression at the time. But I had a team of people working with me, trainers and physical therapists, and I just saw the importance of how much that helped me get back into shape. And having those people around me showed me that, you know, I can't put my value just on my physical ability. I got to put it on other things. So I combined my love of football and my passion for helping people getting into shape.”

“When it's nice outside, we do a workout right on Market. We put together something for the key areas people want to work on – the midsection area, toning up the lower body, some upper body strength – and maybe make it a little more appealing to a crowd as a way to encourage people to take action. When people see that, it's amazing how much they're inspired, how they say they have to get back to the gym, how they've been meaning to do it but for some reason or other, you get so busy and wrapped up in things, you don't make the time. When you see us out there working out, there's no excuse. It's time to book an appointment.”

“I'm a big believer in the fact that people don't want to lose weight just to lose weight. They want to do it because they want to be happy. They're not trying to be in a competition, they're not trying to be a bodybuilder. They just want to fit well in their dress-up clothes and walk up the steps without huffing and puffing. They want to like what they see when they look in the mirror. And that helps your self-confidence and translates to every other area of your life. That's why we're here. Everybody's in pursuit of happiness and peace and joy, all those things combined, and we're just targeting that physical fitness aspect to help people change the world, one person at a time.”

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