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Got some free time this Saturday? Get to the official grand opening of the Eat Clean juice bar at 225 N. Market (right near LoMa Coffee) from 10am to 4pm. There will be smoothie samples, there will be live entertainment, there will be a mayor with big scissors cutting a big ribbon. But, shhh, we’re revealing the really big secrets now … it’s all for show. Eat Clean is open right now, and you can start eating clean today. That’s what owner Kamil Bass-Walker did a decade ago …

“I changed my eating habits about 10 years ago when I stopped eating meat and chicken and started to consume food in its most natural form. Fast forward a few years after that, my brother was diagnosed with diabetes, so I was trying to find a way for him to eat different and take less medicine. To not get dependent on it. He would drink a green juice in the morning, so his carb intake would be lower. That’s how it came about, just trying to find a healthy way for him to cope with his diagnosis. And he was young. He's only 15 now, and this was a few years ago. I started making my own cold pressed juices at home, giving them to my friends. I've been researching the juice market for a long time.”

“Our product line-up is our cold pressed juices, fresh fruit smoothies, wraps, salads and açaí bowls. All of our juices are made with local and organic produce. All of our meats are organic and we try to use sustainable seafood. We're trying to put out an all-natural product and hold it to a certain integrity.”

“We’ll make green juice and we'll blend it to where it's ... look, there's kale in there, and you can taste the kale, but it's blended to where you don't taste just the kale. Our most popular green juice is ‘Drink Greens’ with kale, apple, celery, lemons and pear. The kale is bitter, lemon is tart, celery is spicy, and the apple and pear tone those down.”

“Our wraps and salads are made to order. Our most popular is the ‘Chicken Fiesta’ wrap, which is Romaine lettuce, lettuce, chicken, cucumber, carrots, Parmesan cheese. It's a spin-off of Caesar salad with a little bit more life to it.”

“The smoothie bowls are really popular because not too many places in the area sell them. Any of the smoothies on our menu, you can make it into a bowl. The base is granola, topped with the smoothie of your choice, and then topped again with granola and fresh fruit or a superfood topping.” [Editor’s note: Superfoods include flax seed, goji berries and matcha powder. And yes, we had to look that up.]

“It's kind of like eating a smoothie, but it's heartier than drinking one.”

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