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Man, it’s a hot one.

Like, seven inches from the midday … wait, we’re quoting Rob Thomas, aren’t we? That’s how much the heat is getting to us this week.

But the heat is not slowing things down on Market.

Soon, we’ll be rockin' at the Ladybug Festival. (Did you see how Billboard recently called it “the largest celebration of women in music?” We did, too!) Then the People’s Festival, will bring music so uncontainable that it bursts off the stage, out the doors and onto the streets. Before you know it, we’ll be enjoying the 2018 Downtown Brewfest. Man, that was fun last year.

Sorry to tell you, but it’s gonna stay hot, all summer long—because things are just heating up!

So, show us what you’re up to using #summeronmarket:

In the meantime, while the heat wave is still going on, we’re hanging out next to the air conditioning vents and checking out the new New Market Wilm newest lookbook, available now in places that are inside, which, again, is where we’re going to be.

Because, man, it’s a hot one.

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