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The food trucks have returned to Rodney Square for another season of the Downtown Wilmington Farmers Market, every Wednesday in Rodney Square! Some changes to note: You’ll find trucks all around the perimeter of the park (on Market and King streets) this year, and they’re spreading through the week as well, with appearances by Farmers Famous Fish on Tuesdays, Hummingbird Island Cuisine on Thursdays and KOI On The Go on Fridays.

Next week, the official opening ceremonies will feature live music, new vendors and visit from the mayor (and we’ll have the story of Wildwich’s Wild Ride) … but before the crowds descend on the square for what will surely be a beautiful spring day, we thought we’d catch up with some farmer’s market regulars. And they have news!

Hey, Paul Lauprasert from Koi on the Go – you got a second truck!

“We did! Right now, it's just a plain white truck. It’s funny, we were at the Wilmington Flower Market, and some people went to the organizer and said, ‘Hey, hey, where's the taco man?’ And he said, 'He's here! Here's here!' He kept saying I should take a picture of the old truck, blow it up, and put it on the side of the new truck! The goal is to have it wrapped, but that takes 30 to 45 days, and you know what? I can't do that right now.”

“I call them Mobile One and Mobile Two. The goal is to have them both out every day. Yesterday, Mobile Two was at the Bellefonte Arts Festival and Mobile One … well, it was supposed to be at the Newark Co-Op Farmers Market, but I had a flat tire on 95, believe it or not.”

“Of course, our staple will still be the fish taco and the crab cake. But we have a full kitchen in the new truck – there’s a wok in here! We would like to bring back some menu items like the Pad Thai – a little bit more than what we have now.”

Hey, Steve Ruiz from Mojo Loco … your truck won the Delaware Grilled Cheese Battle!

“We were all pretty excited. There was a lot of competition in that room, a lot of previous winners of major battles. We did a spin off of one of the tacos we offer, a carne asada grilled cheese with poblano pepper-and-onion jam, with traditional sliced white bread and American cheese. It's a little snack that I make from time to time back home. And it all worked. We were able to pull it out.”

“We did feature that grilled cheese on our menu this past Wednesday. We like to rotate new things all the time, to keep people on their toes. We’ll bring out fresh local street corn back, smothered in cheeses and spices. I'm sure you'll see the Ahi tuna burger popping up shortly. It's hard at the market to carry a large menu because it bogs us down and we pride ourselves on servicing quickly, and people know that.”

Hey, Wit Milburn from Kapow … you have a brand new baby!

“He's awesome, man! Thanks for asking! He's named after my father-in-law and my brother, who passed away from colon cancer last year. Joseph Chai -- we call him JC for short. Born January 26, 2018. Right now he's baby talking to my wife and I, and he building a personality, being a very happy, upbeat guy, just going with the flow.”

“It's been a juggle trying to balance my time. But I've built a really strong team so I don't have to be out here all the time and at the restaurant all the time, so I get to spend a lot of time with my wife and my son at home.”

“It's crazy. I've been all around the world, to Mexico, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Europe, and nothing compares to the experience of having this little guy in my life. It's just so awesome. “

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