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2018 Delaware History Makers Award honoring Sam and Mariah Calagione

“A Delaware Tradition: Local Brewing, Dogfish Head, and the Nation's Best Craft Beer”

6pm, April 19, 2018

The Queen Theater, Delaware History Museum and Old Town Hall

Karen Kegelman, the advancement officer at the Delaware History Society, describes the scene at the event honoring the founders of Delaware’s most famous craft brewery:

“The Delaware History Makers Award recognizes individuals who have made extraordinary and lasting contributions to the quality of life in Delaware, our nation or the world. And that’s certainly true of Sam and Mariah, not only because of their work in building Dogfish into such a successful craft brewery, but they're also very involved in The Nature Conservancy in Sussex County. And Sam just won a James Beard award last year.”

“We had about 400 people. This is the first year we've held the awards here at the museum. And we have some things in our collection, photos on display right now in our museum store. There’s one … well, I was on Standard distributing's website for some random reason, and they have some really great pictures, including one of the first delivery of alcohol in Wilmington after Prohibition ended. We asked if we could borrow that, and they said 'Sure!' It’s up now.”

“What beer was served? I will tell you! Dragons & YumYums, SeaQuench Ale, their 60-Minute IPA, the Wood-Aged Bitch's Brew and Namaste White. We had specialty cocktails in a room we were calling the 'Speakeasy,' with Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling. When I researched Prohibition-era speakeasies, a lot of them had passphrase like "Joe sent me," so we thought ours would be "Sam sent me." And we only served Dogfish Head spirits there. They make one called Sonic Archeology, a pre-made cocktail in a bottle. We also had their Barrel Honey Rum, made into a rum-mint iced tea. That was outstanding.”

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