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Shine A Light On The Queen: A Tribute to 1968

Saturday night, March 3, 2018, at The Queen

On this sold-out night at The Queen, more than 60 local musicians gathered to pay tribute to the songs of 1968 in this annual fundraiser for the Light Up The Queen Foundation. We tracked down three of them to ask what they were thinking in these images captured by Joe del Tufo …

Tony Cappella (right)

“I love that picture. I don't get to share the stage too much with Mike Petrillo – ‘Pops,’ as we call him. I love the guy. He's a good soul. We were both just so happy with the feedback from the audience, I just looked at Mike and … well, I won't repeat what I mouthed to him, but it was just one of those great moments, man. This surge of energy went through my body like electricity. The energy coming off the stage and reflecting off the crowd and back to us ... it just fills you, man. It's an incredible feeling.”

“The lead up to the show is insanity for weeks. But what really happens – the emails going back and forth, the breakout sessions, the main rehearsal, all the camaraderie – is that this group of musicians that does Shine A Light, it becomes family. And as we get older, that becomes something very cherished. I even go to rehearsals when I'm not on the list to play a long, because I love seeing everybody.”

Phil Young

“I was having a blast right there. The stage is so wide, you have to be looking around constantly, making sure everybody is where they need to be during the song, because there's no room for error. This photo was during ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On.’ It was a song that we were having a little difficulty with the night before in rehearsal. We still weren't 100% and we were tiptoeing around the idea of pulling it. But we did it, and we nailed it, and I was looking over at Rob Grant at that point, and I'm like ‘We got this. We got it. We're three quarters of the way through, we can't screw it up now. We've got this thing.’ You just feed off the crowd and the energy in the room. With that many people, you can't have a bad performance.”

“The board picks all the songs, and they pick out who's going to play what. You have to know what people want, as far as lining up a 40-song set. They do a great job each year. It’s quite a task – just tons of, y'know, meetings. Thank god I'm not a part of it.”

Laura Moss (black dress, front and center)

“I remember feeling like I didn't want that song to end. That was the closing song, ‘Hey Jude.’ I've been involved in Shine A Light for four years, and they haven't had a closer like that that I can remember. Everyone was singing along, on stage and in the audience. Really, there’s enough light. You can see the faces. Just, so many happy faces, and so many people there to support us and to support the cause. It's just a magical feeling.”

“I don't perform nearly as much as most of these other musicians do. I pop into shows here and there. And so I feel really grateful that they include me every year, and also having my husband there – he's right behind me, with his hand on my shoulder – that's really special, that we both get to do it and be a part of it together. So grateful. It’s just this awesome feeling of community and friendship.”

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