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This week, Martín Martínez, NMW’s millennial correspondent tells us about the new pop-up art event series going on in Wilmington that you won’t want to miss.

Last week, I was able to attend a very interesting event.

It was just another Thursday. Folks going home after putting their eight hours in at work. However, I was in the know. I read the hints and saw the Facebook posts. Millennial Summit was hosting a pop-up event: #ArtShots.

What is #ArtShots you ask?

So, get this: I was part of a small audience that was lucky enough to preview the Delaware Symphony Orchestra’s (DSO) newest performance. A performance, by the way, that was completely sold out. For a fraction of the price of a regular ticket, we were able to get a behind the scenes look and enjoy some great food courtesy of Chelsea Tavern.

As I walked around the lobby of the Baby Grand, most of the people I talked to had never been to a DSO concert before. Some even said they had never been inside the Grand. And, as we munched on Chelsea’s pulled pork eggrolls and had a few drinks, we connected on what we thought the city and its nightlife needed. All of them agreed, #ArtShots was a cool concept and a step in an interesting direction.

The Millennial Summit’s new event series tries to bring the concept of the “secret show” to Wilmington. These unlisted pop-up events are secret but slowly revealed as the date gets closer. The goal is three-fold it seems. One, to provide a fun, spontaneous and intimate event that brings the arts to newbies and experts alike. Two, to help the arts organizations of the city and state attract a new audience. And Three, to provide small independent artists a platform to promote themselves directly to potential patrons.

"#ArtShots is quickly becoming one of the more successful outcomes derived from our first Millennial Summit in August 2017", says Charlie Vincent, Co-Founder of the Millennial Summit.

“We are really proud of the work and dedication of all of the members of the Millennial Summit Arts Initiative, many of whom work for different arts organizations or share a love for creativity and the arts,” said Charlie. “We look forward to continuing our work with many artists and organizations throughout the state to make #ArtShots have an even bigger impact on the community while creating a great experience for our attendees."

Organizations like the DSO see the benefit of attracting millennials to their events.

“We have seen other orchestras around the U. S. develop young professionals and millennials groups that start with a social component and then weave music into the plan,” said Alan Jordan, executive director of the Delaware Symphony Orchestra. “This seemed to make a lot of sense for us, but not working it into a formal concert setting. We thought the more behind-the-scenes feel of a rehearsal had appeal."

As arts organizations look forward and plan for how to attract a new generation of patron, they need to think outside the box.

“I think having variety, a little surprise, and uncertainty is a good formula,” said Alan. “People find appeal in mixing it up. What we can hope at least for is that millennials give the Symphony a try, have a great experience, and want to come back again.

In the end everyone wins. There is more to do in Wilmington, and our great arts organizations and artists have another audience to pull from.

So no, you do not have to be a not special high-rolling patron or a board member or a corporate big wig to get special access to some quality local art.

Anyone can get on the list.

Follow Millennial Summit on social media to know when the next #ArtShots will be held!

Learn more about the Millennial Summit here.

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