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SoHo Urban Artist Colored Pencil Set ($6.99) and Union Square Smooth Drawing Pads ($3.40)

Available at Jerry’s Artarama, 706 N. Market St., www.jerrysartarama.com

If you’ve been holed up at home in front of a TV for the past week, you might assume that the number one New Year’s resolution in America is “Get to a gym as soon as humanly possible.” And yet, no. According to the resolutions experts at GOBankingRates (seriously, they conduct an annual resolutions survey that even Time magazine quotes), the top resolution for 2018 is: “Enjoy Life to the Fullest.”

Now, maybe you enjoy life to its fullest at the gym. That’s great. You do you. But if your resolutions include adding a little more color into your life, step into Jerry’s Artarama on Market. Jerry’s is the “candy store” of Wilmington’s Creative District, a Willy Wonka wonderland of acrylics and inks, easels and oils. Manager Dave Bart told us that if we stocked up on art supplies this week, we might find ourselves in good company:

“We had a bunch of sales around the new year, so that drove in the Jamie Wyeths and the Lopers and all the seasoned artists who are stocking up. Now, people are waking up and saying, ‘Do I join a fitness club or do I want to get into art?” And we don’t want to shy them away.”

“There’s a million different ways to go with this stuff, different versions of everything. The good news is we're not buying a new kidney or a limb. It's $5. It's $10. Yes, there’s a $120 tube of paint, but there's a $5 set. You can go both ways. I always suggest you start inexpensive, with sketch pencils, colored pencils, just like in the old days when you just wanted to sketch. A $10 sketchbook it will get you in the game.”

“And don’t be shy. We have a lot of different test units around here. Drive it before you buy. You can draw with a color pencil and say, this is yucky, and go to the next.”

“Then, get involved with some of the local organizations. There's the Howard Pyle Studio down the road. The Delaware Contemporary has groups, and the Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts. Some have dues and some are free, but you just gotta go play. Longwood Gardens and Winterthur will have open studios or open events. That's where you go.”

“You'd be amazed ... someone who has no formal education in the arts, they might be a computer tech and they might say, ‘You know what? I don't want to be a computer tech any more. I want to be an artist.’ And they just start sketching, and now they're in visual graphics.”

“Jamie Wyeth, he’s actually a great example. He came in this weekend and bought all these things that he's never bought before. He's experimenting. He’s, what, 70-plus years old, and he's still in experimental mode. It's great to see it. He would say, ‘Come on in and try something!’”

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