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For sale: Unique vintage finds, from clothing to jewelry

Available at Styles by Sassy Boutique.

After a 17-year career with the city, Brandi “Sassy” Trader Joquin is living her dream every day inside her own boutique on 8th Street, right off Market. With the help of her husband Vincent, a general contractor, she opened Styles by Sassy Boutique on the former site of Central Beauty School, the hottest hair styling school around in 1965 Wilmington. Brandi and Vincent managed to retain some of the original drawers and walls in this vintage space, but the 50-year-old storefront needed more than a simple facelift….

Vincent: “I was just driving by, and a contractor friend of mine, he was working next door, and waved me down so I stopped.”

Sassy: “This building was actually the first beauty academy in Delaware.”

Vincent: “It was pink in here. And the windows were painted. There was a big counter from this wall, all the way over. But still I asked: ‘What are you doing with this spot?’ Mind you, we had just gone through a thing with another landlord that I had put a substantial amount of work into and it fell though, so she was a little bit derailed. Not me.”

Sassy: “I said forget it. It's too much.”

Vincent: “Long story short, he called the landlord, and we had this spot that day. But we had to revamp everything.”

Sassy: “He put in dry wall. Recessed lights. I've got a fitting room, storage in the back, sitting area for the kids. It's awesome. It's just right for me. But you know, if I wanted to make shoestrings, my husband would invest in a shoestring. This is my greatest supporter. He built the foundation for this to be possible.”

Vincent: “A lot of people say this or that about us, but we literally work seven days a week. I have to take my lunch around 5 o'clock so I can come home and see my kids, because if not, I won't see them for two or three days. But my wife, she holds it down. I wouldn't want her job for nothing in the world.”

Sassy: “For 17 years, I was employed for the City of Wilmington, the Department of Parks and Recreation. We have seven children. You know, things were crazy. But this is something I've been wanting for years, since I was 5 years old, since as long as I could remember. It's personal, you know what I mean? It's not even about making the money. It's about inspiring women and making them feel good.”

“If you're looking at me, you know I'm different. When it comes to fashion, I'm all over the place. I like to stand out, and I'm not afraid to be me. I wear my big hair -- oh, it gets bigger than this. It does. I love it. I really, really do. So I said, let me bring something to the city that people are not used to. I hope to inspire women.”

“I've been to boutiques where sometimes you can't afford anything. I mean, it’ll be a vintage piece and it's worth what they want for it, but you know, you just can't afford to pay. I put funky stuff in here. And people like it. And they buy it. And it's for an awesome price. A very awesome price.”

Vincent: “We're avid local travelers, from New York to Miami. And when we started, everywhere we’d go, I'm like, ‘That's what you're wearing?’ And after awhile, I'm like, that’s who she is.”

Sassy: “I go all over. And I only bring back one piece. That's what makes it so unique. I don't want people walking around, saying ‘Oh, you got that by Styles by Sassy? I got one too.’ No. It’s about being different.”

Vincent: “I have a friend of mine, he's an elder. In the morning, you know, you see everybody out taking their children to school and things of that nature. So I stopped over his garage one evening and he says, 'Listen man, I've seen your wife in the doorway, 7 o'clock in the morning, her hair was done, she has the lip gloss on, and she's completely dressed.’ And I'm like, that's who she is. Every day. All day.”

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