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Those lonely, taco-less nights of the summer of 2017 are behind us now with the re-opening of the much beloved Cocina Lolo and its even-more beloved happy hour at 405 King St. (right around the corner from The Queen Theatre on Market).

Bryan and Andrea Sikora closed the doors briefly on their Mexican spot in order to spend their summer vacation opening their fourth restaurant, Hearth Kitchen, up in Kennett Square – but they always had plans to bring back the guac when the leaves started to change. That time is now.

We reached out to Lolo fan Ginger Weiss to see if we could buy her first lunch in the reopened restaurant, and she kindly agreed. (Confession: Later that day, we snuck back for some cocktails and to take a few pictures of what’s new on the dinner menu, including the Mexican sweet corn and the smoked BBQ short rib with Autumn slaw.)

Our lunch with Ginger started with everyone’s top concern: “I thought the menu was great. I loved it. The crab guacamole is pretty special. Have they changed the menu much? Do they still have it?” (Note: They do.)

On figuring out what to order: “The last time I was here, I had a burrito bowl, which I liked a lot. It was a very nice lunch portion. I'd order the crab guacamole, but it's a large portion. One of the small plates would be more than enough for me to eat. But I'm going to have the cinnamon-spiced Mahi tacos.” (Note: We’re also getting the crab guacamole. Because crab guacamole.)

Talk of Mexico over ice tea: “Barry [Schlecker] and I have spent so much time south of the border, all over Mexico, throughout the entire country, even up into the little mountain towns with remote access. When I feel like going out for a non-traditional dinner, and it’s either Mexican or Asian, I usually vie for the Mexican, because I like the spice and I like the crunch. It just feels right. A lot of people say it's the margaritas that draw them in, but that's not necessarily something that does it for me.”

First course, crab guacamole: “It's a very generous serving, it really is. Look at the big chunks of crab meat! The mango makes it really special, too. I love it. I'm glad they didn't take that off the menu. And that salsa is delicious. It has a kick to it.”

Second course, Mahi tacos: “This seems like a much larger portion that I remember – not that I need it to be any larger. Did the tacos come with rice and beans before?” (Note: We’re informed by the waiter that the rice and beans are new.) “That's what it is. The food here has a very rich, bold flavor that I really like. These tacos have a kick, full of flavor. It's delicious, but seriously, I can't eat three. Can I give you one?”

Final thoughts: “It's great food, it's an inventive menu and it’s just a feel-good place. Good wait staff. I think it’s brighter than it was the last year, too. This was my pleasure. That was fun.

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