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Third Eye Blind concert at The Queen Wilmington

Wednesday night, Oct. 11, 2017

It’s the night of the first big show at The Queen since Live Nation took over the bookings at this historic theater, and event planner Jill Abbott (of Point-to-Point fame) is planning out one of her easier nights of the season – a girls night out with three friends to see Third Eye Blind. So, tell us all about it, Jill!

“I love the Fillmore in Philadelphia, and The Queen reminds me of that, but without having to drive to Philly or to park in Philly and you get home at a reasonable hour. My friends and I, we took an Uber just because we didn't feel like driving. It's so easy. Literally, that night, I think I was home by 11 o'clock. That, to me, is perfect.”

“We all decided we would go to Merchant Bar. I went to OpenTable and booked a table for us at 6:30 p.m. We get there, and of course Merchant is packed but we have the No. 1 table right at the entrance, and they were just thrilled. We saw a ton of people who were going to go right next door with us.”

“You notice the changes they’ve made immediately coming through the hallway when you’re struck by the bright purple hallway. It just looks more like a club that would be in a larger city. It almost looks ‘Prince-esque’. I know that's not a word. But those colors, if you think of ‘Purple Rain?’ That’s it.”

“I loved The Queen at the top – it really set the stage – no pun intended. But that is it. It's The Queen’s stage. I thought that was a great addition.”

“When Third Eye Blind played ’How’s It Going To Be,’ it was very participatory. They would probably do the same thing at a Wells Fargo or something, but it doesn't resonate the same way. I think [lead singer Stephan] Jenkins said something like this is probably the smallest venue that they’re playing this tour. When I tell some of my friends that's where I went on Wednesday, they're saying 'You're kidding me – I totally would have gone!' There's a lot of people who react like that, I think, when they hear the caliber of bands that do play Wilmington.”

“I was standing at the back of the room, and I had a beer in my hand and this couple standing next to me said, 'Oh, did you try the Third Eye Blonde?' And I said 'Nooo, is it any good?' And the woman turned to the gentleman standing next to her, and said 'Well I don't know. Ask him, he brewed it.' So I met the gentleman and they're opening that brewery on Market Street. Stitch House? They're opening at 8th and Market … is that right? It was loud. Anyway, he's a really nice guy.”

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