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So, is it a secret that UD Creamery makes awesome burgers?

“Yes. No. Maybe so.”

That is according to LeeAnne Ahamad, manager of the creamery on Market. “We get fantastic feedback. But there's a large group of people who don't know we're here.”

There are seven burgers on the regular menu. You can order the “Plain Jane,” or mix it up with the “Tavern Special” (Monterey jack cheese, caramelized onions and mushrooms), the “Brie and Blueberry” (Buttercup brie, blueberry basil preserves, fresh basil) or any of four others, with occasional daily specials thrown into the mix as well. We asked LeeAnne for the burger breakdown.

The roll: “They’re from the Market Street Bakery, two doors down. They supply them fresh, and they're just soft and pillow-y and delicious. They’re a hit.”

The burger: “The meat comes from grass-fed steer on campus at the University of Delaware. The farm is right down on campus, part of the Agriculture Department. We serve six-ounce Angus burger patties.”

The toppings: “We try to make it as local as possible. Some weeks, I am getting produce from the farm on campus. If it's not from campus, we're getting it from a local farm supplier that works with small farms within a 100-mile radius. The blueberry basil preserves spread on the “Brie and Blueberry” burger comes from Small Batch Kitchen in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. There's local brie cheese that we get in, and basil is local too.”

On the side: “The chips are kettle-cooked. You can order them plain, or we season them with Old Bay or our house seasoning, a garlic-y ranch seasoning. Both do well. But everyone around here seems to love Old Bay.”

A drink (if you’re not getting a milkshake): “The Sipp Sparkling Organics are big sellers. The Mojo Berry is probably our biggest seller. The Ginger Blossom is an interesting, refreshing drink. We fly through those.”

So how’s everything else going? “We have just recently started opening up for breakfast, Monday through Friday at 8 a.m.”

What now? “We’re doing breakfast sandwiches to order. Local baked goods and bagels are coming in every morning. Students are making breakfast bowls – tater tots with meat, egg and melted cheese on it. They're learning how to operate the espresso machine right now. It's going good.”

Oh, we’ll be back. “We’re open seven days a week.”

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