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Summer doesn’t end on a day. It ends in moments. It ends on the first dreary day when you consider pulling a sweater out of the closet. It ends while sitting in the middle of a traffic jam, because all the kids are back in school and all the parents are driving to work at the same time. It ends when Pumpkin Spice Latte shows up at Starbucks.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is here, people.

But before that first cold wind blows down Market, let’s take a moment to bask in the remaining rays of summer sun. This was a summer of regime change, as the folks at Live Nation opened up the doors to give us a peek inside the renovated Queen Wilmington. (We’ll see you there for Matthew Sweet in a couple weeks.)

It was summer when we jammed in the streets (and in the heat) over the two nights of the Ladybug Festival, and spent a gorgeous Saturday afternoon sampling dozens of beers at the first (and undoubtedly not the last) Wilmington Downtown Brew Fest, presented by Chelsea Tavern and Ernest & Scott Taproom. (With a new brewery opening up on that same block later this year, Market continues its evolution into a destination for craft brew.)

It was a summer when we met so many nice people. Gemma and Jack Buckley at Ninth Street Book Shop? They’re true originals, living landmarks on Market. Paul Lauprasert gave us the full story to how he developed the best fish tacos in Delaware. Mailman Gregory Wallace knows everyone on Market and everyone knows him, and his memories of delivering the mail on 9/11 touched us with his commitment and connection to the people who live and work here. Our friends from Flyogi became part of an effort to bring fresh food to Market inside a juice bar conceived, designed and built inside NextFab, Wilmington’s new makerspace.

Summer ends, and we mourn its loss, but the lunchtime streets are full, the Rodney Square farmer’s market is still open on Wednesdays, and happy hour calls —Autumn is around the corner, and Market feels ready for the change of season.

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