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When Greg gets to Market Street to deliver the mail, it’s no longer work. The street’s most identifiable and indefatigable mailman has delivered letters and packages on Market since the beginning of the Reagan administration, through snow, rain, heat and maybe even some gloom of night during the holiday season. He knows the neighbors and the neighbors know him, and everyone stops to and speaks with him.

“I was born and raised up on Riverside, on the north side of Wilmington. I went to elementary school at North East and for middle school I went to Burnett and I graduated from P.S. duPont High in '76.”

“My route starts on the 900 block of Market Street. I've been working on Market Street ever since I've been at the post office— for 36 years. I've seen them block the streets off. I've seen them open the streets back up. I've seen them block the streets off again. I've seen places come, I've seen places go. I see a lot of the changes that are going on. Now they’ve got these new high rises that the people are moving into. It's a nice place.”

“The job that we have is through any kind of weather, and I take pride in that. Every storm that we had – the Blizzard of '98, the ice storm of ‘94, the snow storm of 2009 – I tried to deliver mail and packages, but it took so long for them to clear the streets because they had states of emergency on a couple of them. I've been through hurricanes. On 9/11, they closed the post offices but the carriers were still on the streets serving mail. I really didn’t know anything was going on until I was downtown and saw the second plane hit the tower. I was at Leo and Jimmy's at that time.”

“A lot of the people on the street know a lot about me because we talk. Jack and Gemma at the Ninth Street Book Shop. I go to A.R. Morris, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Olympic Subs. I go to Collars’n Cuffs and DCAD. Everybody loves me down there. I talk a lot at the bookstore and Collars’n Cuffs, because when I'm off I buy all my clothes from Collars’n Cuffs.”

“Most all of them know the background that I have and what I've been through, back in 2008, with the death of my mother and three weeks later the death of my wife. They knew during that time I still came to work. They just know that I'm a reliable person, a trustworthy person that comes in and does the job and always maintains a happy smiling face. I like work the route and the friendship that I have with everyone on Market Street.”

“I talk to everybody. Everybody who comes on the street knows me. I don't care if they're homeless or whatever. If I see them, I give them food or give them something to drink. One day, it might be me, you know? You never know. You always got to treat people the way you'd want to be treated.”

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North Market Street | Wilmington, DE

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