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A few weeks ago, in the middle of our chat with artist Eunice LaFate, she stared ticking off reasons she loves being on Market. Proximity to good coffee? Check. Lots of foot traffic? Check. “And I love Parcels!”

Parcels. It’s a company that inspires devotion from the creative community, but didn’t start out intending to serve them at all. How exactly did a service-oriented courier service and document company come to have one of the coolest work spaces on Market? We caught up with Executive Vice President Vito DiMaio with questions:

“Yes, someone like Eunice would use a business that we have called Metro Color. We have a graphic design commercial print company and we get an awful lot of DCAD students who create these wonderful pieces of art and then ultimately need to have them printed for display or to turn in to their professors.”

“But the majority of our clients are attorneys and law firms, whether we're couriering their packages or printing their documents or managing electronic data in our secure cloud infrastructure. Actually, we got into the creative space because we were printing large trial boards and graphics for presentations during trials – and obviously, that technology also applies to the general public.”

“As we started to renovate the space, we knew we wanted something that would be modern but old at the same time. We very much like and respect the building that we're in. It's very historic. You know, when the LoMa [Lower Market] District first started to be rejuvenated, it was called the “Ships Tavern” district. Our building was the tavern— the “Sign of the Ship” Tavern. A portion of that building still exists. Many historical figures have spent time here in the past— George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, [John] Adams. So we wanted to breathe new life into the space while preserving that historic look and aspect.”

“We stripped down a lot of what was there, removing the drop ceiling and exposing the natural beams. We refinished the floor. We can't take all the credit for the design though. We were working with Timeless Design by Kate FitzGerald-Wilks. We knew we wanted a mural, and we wanted it to resemble the actual skyline from Wilmington and that's what we wound up with there.”

“In the past few years, we have been growing a division of our company that focuses on litigation support and we have a team of professionals who manage high-end data-related services. And so we wanted to make sure we have a space that, number one, they felt good working in on a daily basis, and secondly, as we bring people through, we want to make sure that these prospects understand that we mean business.”

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