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Earlier this month, Accelerate Delaware, Wilmington Placemakers and the City partnered up to put together Young Professionals Week. A series of events geared towards millennials working and living in the city. The effort is in its first few years but is already leaving its mark in the must-attend list of events that Wilmington has to offer.

Many of the week’s events took place on Market, hitting up some of the great places to eat and drink that many millennials already frequent.

One of our millennial staff members, Martín Martínez, attended as many of the events as possible. These are his thoughts:

We millennials tend to be selective when it comes to where we hang out in Wilmington. Most of the time, it’s Trolley Square. More often though, most of the people I know will either head back to the ‘burbs or go to Newark. That’s always baffled me. Especially when there’s so much to do Downtown.

Enter YP Week. These events were located on Market and around the area. Panel discussions, lunch breaks, open mic nights, yoga in the square; just to name a few. There was a lot to choose from. However, outside of just enjoying these fun events, I also wanted to get an idea of what other millennials thought about the city.

At the leadership breakfast in Theatre N, one person I spoke with mentioned they have noticed a lot of positive change in the city. Market Street, they said, looked completely different.

“And now with Live Nation coming in, I mean, it’s exciting.”

Then, while attending the lunch meet-up at the Downtown Farmer’s Market at Rodney Square (which takes place every Wednesday through October), I spoke to another of my generational contemporaries about how crucial it is that millennials and young professionals start to take the reins of the city and guide it to a future that they would like to see for themselves and their families.

“Now is really the time. At this point we have to jump in and if we don’t see something we agree with, change it. Because I mean, in all honesty, we’re going to be and in some cases, already are, the leaders here.”

That evening, at Open Mic Night at the Chris White Gallery (in the Creative District), I spoke to someone who understood the apprehension some had about the negative press the city gets.

“But it’s time we get past all the negative and work to make some positive. I think that starts by highlighting everything good about the city. And let’s face it, for people our age, it’s about what you can do after work or on the weekend. Let’s highlight Market Street. Let’s highlight what is coming down the pipeline.”

The city is built for commuters. But millennials aren’t really about commuting. More and more we want to live in cities and be close to the action. With Market Street offering so much, it’s time to get out, bring friends and be a part of it.

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