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Please welcome the new guard at The Queen Theatre!

Local dignitaries ushered in the Live Nation Era on the corner of 5th and Market with all appropriate pomp and circumstance and a few axe-wielding palace guards. The Queen officially changed hands, announced some new shows (New Found Glory on July 12, Gene Ween singing Billy Joel on Aug. 9, Matthew Sweet on Sept. 21 and Cheap Trick on Nov. 16) and revealed plans for a grand re-opening after Labor Day. But what will this Queen look like after her facelift? We asked General Manager Trenton Banks to talk about her new look:

“The biggest change people will see – whether they come to a show or not – will be on the outside. Where the current box office was on the corner, we're creating a bar space, with windows that open up onto the street. We're going to have outdoor seating as well. It is going to change the dynamic of that corner.”

“Inside, we have this really cool wallpaper that we're putting up in the hallway that leads into the main hall. Our painters have been working fast to change the color scheme. I think the one thing we all noticed is that the color scheme didn’t continue throughout the building, because half is restored and half is more modern. We wanted to carry that restoration feel through the entire venue. I think that the historical aspects – the organ pipes, the stage and the original projectors that were in the building – those things got to me immediately. When you see those projectors, you really get that feeling that it was an actual movie theater at one point in time.”

“As far as the structure of the building, we're adding a bar on the second floor of the balcony; a nice U-shaped bar. We're also going to be opening up the space around the bar on the main floor, because right now you can only access the bar from the front. We're going to make so people can get to the other side of the bar.”

“It’s a beautiful space. We want to be a driver to bring people to Market Street, bring a different atmosphere to the street, and make Market Street a thing, really.”

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