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Summer is a great time to enjoy Market.

Patio seating, events, the farmers market; all fantastic opportunities to experience Market on a sunny day. However, have you noticed how photogenic Market is in the summer? We’re big fans of Instagram and we thought it would be a fun idea to start the #SummerOnMarket campaign. We want to see your summer through your camera lens.

Show us what you are up to this #SummerOnMarket!

We sent out one of our staff members to take a stroll down Market on a nice sunny day. Many of us walk down Market and notice all the great stores, restaurants and bars, but have you ever taken the time to look around some of the hidden features?

Below are some photos our staff member took to capture the face of Market you might not always see, but walk by every time.

Check them out and follow us on Instagram to keep up with #SummerOnMarket!

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North Market Street | Wilmington, DE

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