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What we’re drinking: The Lincoln Street (Maker’s Mark Bourbon, pomegranate, Amaro Nonino, Aperol, lemon)

Where we’re drinking it: La Fia Bistro

Who made it: Amy

When we’re here: On a relentlessly rainy Tuesday night in April

How we’re feeling: Hopeful. And that’s saying something, because it’s truly dreary outside, the kind of irredeemably rainy April afternoon that better be bringing some May flowers pretty damn soon. But we’ve found a seat at the bar at La Fia, the best no-reservations-required table on Market, and there’s some grilled octopus and beef tartare coming our way in a few, so no complaints here.

But first, a drink.

Amy pours a solid shot of Maker’s – a firm base to jumpstart spring and clear the way to summer. Pomegranate adds a subtler sweetness than strawberries (though she might use those when they’re in season), and touch of Amaro Nonino brings it down to earth with a citrusy bite. It looks like a punch, perhaps, but it’s a more carefully concocted invention than that.

It’s a drink made for sitting on the porch with friends on a cool spring night, after the rains of April but before the sun starts beating down in June. Amy has a little patio that’s perfect for nights just like that, right behind the place where she lives in the city … on Lincoln Street.

The Lincoln Street. Amy created it. It’s your taste of spring. Get one and look ahead to warm nights to come.

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