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Thursday night at The Nomad, 905 N. Orange St.

March 9, 2017, Lyric Drive on stage

A couple weeks ago, our photogs popped off Market and over to Orange for a drink and some tunes at The Nomad. Lyric Drive was on stage, and after capturing a few images, we started to wonder how The Nomad picks bands to play, four nights a week (Wednesday-Saturday). So we called owner David Vandever to ask:

“We’re not particularly mainstream. Top 40 cover bands are really not what we're looking for. Certainly, some of our musicians cover certain songs, but there's a strong element of originality. I guess what we’re looking for is originality and authenticity and virtuosity.”

“Friday night is our weekly jazz night. Saturday nights can be anything from blues to reggae. We even have bluegrass sometimes. And Wednesday and Thursday nights are a mixture of anyone from Pat Kane and his friends to Darnell Miller to Nihkee Bleu. I think a lot of our patrons don't necessarily know the band that may be playing, but they always know that if they come in, the music will always be something really worth listening to.”

“We just had three young kids who started a jazz fusion band, and they called wanting to play The Nomad. They were really thrilled to get a Wednesday night. It was a great night. We're having them back. So we give people opportunity to start.”

“But also we have a lot of musicians who play all over and like to play at The Nomad. It's kind of a spiritual, creative spot for a lot of musicians. I think the main reason – other than it's general ambiance – is that the audience really responds. I'm sure you've been to places where the band plays some great songs and no one claps or whatever. But here, it's like perpetual motion. The musicians feed our audience and our audience feed the musicians in turn.”

“When it happens, it's a special feeling.”

“Right now, we're a four-day-a-week operation. We're going to expand that, you know. There's a lot of development in the area.”

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