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If the modern era of Market can be divided into three parts – before the pedestrian mall, during the pedestrian mall, and after the pedestrian mall – then Leonard Simon has seen it all come and go from inside Wright & Simon, the destination men’s clothing shop that his father started in 1935. (For the record, his dad was not a fan of said pedestrian mall: “He said trees belong in Brandywine Park.”) We came in to talk about clothes, but ended up talking about much more:

“I've got history. I can tell stories.”

“Wright & Simon has been on Market Street, in this building, since 1952. We were incorporated over on Ninth Street in 1935. My dad was 23 years old at the time and out of work, during the Depression. He worked right up until the day he died at age 90, in 2002.”

“We're a destination business. And that's what downtown needs, destination businesses. I offer a product and service that you really can't get anywhere else in Delaware. We're a small family-owned business with personal service. We do our own tailoring, we offer a high quality product, and we've been doing it forever. I have my own tailor shop upstairs.”

“Look, we don't get into trendy fashions. We don't get into a trend that's going to be gone in six months. Fine clothing is an investment that you can wear for years to come. It's like a good investment in a stock. In may not gain a lot in principal, but it's going to pay dividends for years to come. That's what we're selling the customer.”

“We get a lot of out-of-town people, someone who has to go to court, his luggage got lost or he needs a pair of trousers hemmed for that night. On a Friday or Saturday, it could be someone who came in for a wedding. I had one last Saturday afternoon, a guy who came in here wearing his tuxedo didn't have a formal tie. I said 'Man, you just caught me! I have no idea what Plan B would have been for you.'”

“That's where our service element comes into play. The concierge people at the hotels know me to call me.”

“Tony Bennett walked in here one time and I waited on him. It was a Saturday afternoon, I think in the late ‘90s, he was going to rehearse down at The Grand for the Gala. He didn't have a tuxedo on, so I didn't recognize him until he started talking. Julie Andrews was in here. Lewis Black walked in here before one of his shows. He just likes to walk around the city before a show, get a feel for the town.”

“All the things going on now are great. The millennial types, they like urban living. For transportation, they're more apt to use Uber than cars, so urban living is hot right now. And I hope it remains hot, because I'm surrounded by it.”

“I was once that young kid working for my dad, and now I'm the senior guy. That's sobering. I look back and see people they way they are today, the way I might have been back then, and I can relate to them. The only advice I have is if you like what you do, you're going to be good at it. Interact and be nice to people. That's the easiest job in the world, being nice to people. That's my basic mantra. Know your product, know what you're doing and be nice to people, and you'll be successful at whatever you do in life.”

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