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What we’re eating: Pizza and pasta and definitely some truffle fries

Who suggested it: Marie Graham Poot, director of digital media and distribution at Out & About Magazine

Her credentials: With a home, a husband and two kids in the city, Marie takes advantage of DiMeo’s delivery just about once a week: “I have an entire drawer filled with those sealed utensils and the little napkins. Those are great for my kids' school lunches.” She was more than willing to offer suggestions for a DiMeo’s delivery novice. (“I haven't experienced much of their dessert options, but if you need me to do future research, I'm happy to do that for you.”)

For the pizza lover: “The pizza is always hot and the crust is always slightly crispy on the bottom. They have a special pizza called a Paesano. It's shaped like a tomato pie but much thinner, with whole roasted cloves of garlic on it and pesto. The crust is totally incredible. If you don't like garlic, it is something to be avoided. The Fica is a white pizza, with fig and prosciutto. That's delicious. And the other one that I get is called the Napoletana, with arugula, prosciutto and parmigiano reggiano.”

For dinner?: “There's an appetizer that they have – I'm not sure if it's actually on the menu anymore – but it’s a thin-layered eggplant lasagna without any pasta in it, the eggplant Florentine. They still make it for me. There's a chicken Bello pasta with mushrooms in a cream sauce that I really enjoy. And my husband loves the lasagna.”

For the kids?: “My kids will eat a lot of those things, but the thing that they like the most at Dimeo’s is soup. They always order soup. They also like to rotolini, those rolls with the cheese and broccoli or pepperoni in them. They call them belly bombs and they love them. They're so good. A soup and a rotolini, and they’re happy.”

And about those truffle fries? “I have heard everyone rave about the truffle fries. I do not know why I haven't eaten those, because it sounds like something I would have eaten. The truffle fries are to be ordered.”

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