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20th annual Delaware College of Art and Design Student Exhibition

(More than 800 paintings, drawings, sculptures, graphic projects, interior designs and other works are on display through March 12)

Feb. 3, 2016, Wilmington Art Loop at DCAD

Work featured here:

Sara Krebs (4D design featuring images from Market Street)

Gregory Coscia (Painted self-portrait)

Faith Moore (Owl with wire)

DCAD instructor Tad Sare: “[During the Art Loop], you get to have wonderful conversations with people you’ve never met before, people who were nice enough to stop by and tell you how wonderful they think some of the artwork is. It’s nice to have feedback from the public, to know what they are thinking when they look at our work, or if we’re seen as having a creative value. I think that’s an important thing that we give to Wilmington on Market Street.”

Art Loop, "Art on the Town" , is held the first Friday of every month and is sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

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