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DITA Heartbreaker women’s eyeglass frames ($525)

Available at Wilmington Optical,

719 N. Market St., www.wilmingtonopticalde.com

DITA eyeglasses frame many famous faces, and when Greg Esbensen’s clients at Wilmington Optical started asking for them by name … well, he hasn’t lasted 37 years on Market by ignoring what his customers want:

Consumer demand: “It's a fashion-conscious business, the eyeglass business. Everybody was asking for DITA. One of the vice presidents of the company was on the east coast, and he stopped in here for three or four hours, we sat and talked. Now there's only two of us in the state who carry them. The other is an eyeglass store in Dover.”

DITA quality: “It's the finest stuff I've seen in the 43 years I've been in business. You can tell by holding it – the hinges, the workmanship, the frames, just the quality of the plastics, all 18-karat gold-filled metals. I call them masterpieces.”

Keeping up: “The Kardashians are wearing DITA. Floyd Mayweather is wearing them. Steve Colbert on The Tonight Show has got one on. I talked to my salesman the other day and Wolf Blitzer bought five of them at a trunk show in Maryland last week. Snoop Dogg is wearing them. If you want flash, they have the flash. If you want conservative, they have conservative. It's a fashion trend right now, if you can afford it. They're not inexpensive.”

On a fresh look for Greg’s store, with its brand new location across the street from his old spot: “It was Foley's Jewelers back in the day, so it was really all set up for me. It's got showcases so I don't have to bend over anymore. It's got mirrors, it's got windows. All I needed to do put in some fresh paint. And Downtown Visions just rebuilt the whole front of the store last year. It's a whole fresh look.”

EXTRA: We can’t come up with anything more awesome than this description of the Heartbreaker frames, taken directly from the pages of the DITA catalog: “We were sitting in a small neighborhood café when we overheard a beautiful woman telling her friend a story about the new man in her life. Inspired by her joie de vivre, we quickly sketched Heartbreaker as a tribute to the moment. Featuring lightweight titanium/injection construction, Heartbreaker is a modern interpretation of a classic cat eye style which from the moment you slide it on will make you the heartbreaker to whom all eyes are drawn.”

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