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True story: Dudes Haircuts and Shaves started life as a real Babe.

When owner Ebon Flagg first opened his salon in October 2009, he had a few barbers on staff. But things got crowded and uncomfortable, fast. High demand quickly forced the separation of the sexes. Babe split off to move a few doors down, and Dudes was born. Both businesses just celebrated a lucky seven years on the 200 block of Market, making them officially the oldest businesses in the revitalized LoMa district. (“And we plan to be here for a very long time,”

Flagg says.)

So how do they stay in style? We run down five of the most important elements:

On changing a Babe into Dudes: “I wanted to make it more of a gentleman's salon where they had all the sports posters and more woodsy environment, to make men feel comfortable in the setting. We got new floors, all-new barber chairs. We bought IKEA furniture and added wheels to it to make it feel more mechanical.“

(And what’s on the TV?: “CNN or Sports Center. That's all I kinda allow them to play.”)

The most important tool: “The razor, for the sharpness of it. Cuts are becoming more precise. Beards are more precise now. People are wearing parts in their hair, and the parts are a lot deeper than they used to be, so the razor has become a huge part of the barbershop nowadays. We really do focus on razor training and the 17 steps to creating a real razor cut on a beard.”

The essential product: “Clubman. Clubman has a certain smell to it. You know that it comes from Clubman. But I don't lock all our stylists down into being uniform with their product. I want them to be not just barbers. I want them to be men's stylists. So if they feel there's a product out there, or even a tool out there, that they could design their cuts to be them, I welcome it. “

The appointment book: “At the barbershop and the hair salon, we focus on getting people in and out. That's major. We don't want people sitting. They have jobs to do, they have cars sitting in the street. We keep our appointment times wide so we can get people in and out.”

What’s new in the neighborhood?: “I see a lot of people actually moving to Market Street, and not just businesses. I'm talking about residents, students, young couples. They're all moving to Market, and I can see the people walking up and down the streets. I can hear the music and the different cultures and ethnicities. I’m glad to be a part of the beginning of it.”

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