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What we’re eating: Dosa, a crepe made from rice and lentil batter, served with coconut chutney and lentil soup

Where we’re eating it: Masala Kitchen, home of delicious vegetarian Indian street food at 825 N. Market St., across the street from The Grand

Who suggested it: Anjuli Sharma of the Wilmington Mayor's Office of Economic Development

Her credentials: “I’m first generation here. My parents grew up in India and came here after they got married. I've grown up around Indian food since day one – and with a majority of my family residing in India, we would often go back. I'm extremely picky about the restaurants I'll go to, because I've grown up in a household where my parents and my family are fantastic cooks. Masala Kitchen is one place that I will take [people] every time.”

Favorite dishes: “You can't go wrong with much on their list. Dosa is the long, crepe – that's one of my favorites. Dosa is typically a south Indian dish and it's very difficult to make because you obviously need a very large area to make that large of a crepe. So that's one of my favorites.

“I would definitely say I like the bhel puri, where you have rice puffs with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and chutney and cilantro and it's topped with sev. It's comfort food. This is a snack at home. This is the stuff that when you go to your grandparents, it's there ready for you.” [Editor’s note: Wikipedia tells us that “sev” is a “popular Indian snack food consisting of small pieces of crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour paste, which are seasoned with turmeric, cayenne and ajwain before being deep-fried in oil.” So now we know.]

And to drink: “Lassi is a yogurt drink, a smoothie, and they have the different types. A lot of times, you go to restaurants, they represent the sweet sides of lassi. like the mango, but a lot of people drink the salty or the savory lassis with cilantro and mint, which they also have.”

A word of warning: “I will say that when they say their food is spicy, they're not joking. It's been a common mistake. I love spice and I'm good with it, but sometimes my husband gets a little surprised, and this was one of the times. Their hot sauce is hot. Very hot.”

Drop a little economic development knowledge on us: “You have a large Indian community downtown, in terms of workforce. And when you have people who are coming here to work, and may be travelling, and may be from abroad, and may be by themselves, it's a nice little reminder of home. It resonates a lot. It's family run and it's fast, which is exactly how it is when I'm in India. You can feel the excitement in the food. Overall, I think their menu is fantastic.”

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