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Hand-made bow ties (starting at $35) and pocket squares ($17)Available at Miz Ink, 316 N. Market St., www.mizink.weebly.com

Trees have finally started making their transition to fall – and a gentleman shouldn’t be too far behind. Enter stylist Michael Hall, owner of Miz Ink. We asked him to put together a look that’s sharp and speaks to the season. He pulled two items from his shop (including one of his hand-made bowties), and one pin from Cherné Altovise, with whom he shares both space and a philosophy of providing the “ultimate shopping experience in a family-friendly atmosphere” for both their male and female customers.

On the fashion of fall: “I think fall is my favorite season, because you can really dress the way you want to, layer up and play with different patterns and designs.”

The jackets: “That burgundy cotton is a perfect transition for fall. The color is in season, and it's a cotton jacket, which means it's very breathable, and it has a half lining so you can put a sweater underneath, or a long sleeve shirt, and still not be too hot. The blue and burgundy double-breasted jacket, that re-invents this ultimate stylish gentleman, that ‘60s-style Rat Pack look, with the short coats and really nice colors. But that palate is actually very warm, and the colors together are perfect for fall. That's a gentleman's jacket.”

The bowtie: “I do make the bowties, and that bowtie and pocket square is one of my favorite patterns. I'm actually wearing that bowtie today. For me, when I dress, I always think about the kids of colors that I wear and what they mean and how they are perceived. Blue is very warming and welcoming and it translates across both genders.”

The lapel pin: “I decided to do a flower with that jacket to add some extra flair to it. It's not extra masculine, but it's not too, too feminine, and that color is just adds enough touch to make that outfit look complete.”

Not that we want to talk about it yet, but what about winter?: “Each season, we do a collection. For the winter collection, I expect to see nice warm, festive colors. All of my designs, I keep very neutral, gentleman-based rather than loud and boisterous. I have some really elegant men's fabrics and patterns that I'm going to be using during the holiday season.”



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