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It’s Tuesday, and it was a long Tuesday. The Tuesdayest of Tuesday work grinds. And what you need is something warm, something homey, something you can eat on your couch in your footed pajamas with a bottle of wine.

And you know for a fact that dinner like that is not waiting for you in your fridge.

And so you make a quick stop on the way home for most soul-replenishing take-out on the 400 block of Market, at Twisted Soul.

When you’re sitting there for a drink at happy hour at the long, comfortable bar, or when you’re there for some soulful music on a weekend, you’d be tempted to order the wings, no doubt. Maybe the regular buffalo blue wings. Maybe the punchy Jamaican jerk chicken wings. Oh, who are you kidding, you’d order the Captain Crunch wings, because how can you not? Sweet, salty, packed with memories, they taste like your adult-self gave your child-self permission to eat wings on a Saturday morning while the Smurfs were on TV.

But if you’re being good and you’re here for the takeout, you head to the entrée list. Crispy fried chicken that’s all tender on the inside. Fried whiting, lightly fried with a cornmeal crust. Smothered chicken and gravy. That all works well, but soul food needs sides, and you’ve got to balance them just right. The creamy mac ‘n’ cheese your grandma could have made finds a perfect partner in green beans cooked with a bit of vinegar and a small hit of heat. Indulge in the sweet potatoes with caramel and bacon, and tell yourself you’ll balance the scales with some greens – some slow-cooked orange soda collard greens.

And then, cornbread. Light, sweet, airy – still warm from the oven. That little container in the bottom of the takeout bag? That’s the strawberry butter you’re going to spread all over that cornbread, saving a few bites for the end of the meal, and then roaming your kitchen in search of other things to spread strawberry butter on.

That’s comfort. That’s the right way to end a Tuesday, with takeout that tastes like it came from the heart, from the soul, and from the kitchen of someone who loves you.



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