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Lauren Foltz, marketing manager at JPMorgan Chase, talks about the advantages of downsizing your life and offers a dog’s-eye view on city living.

“That's our dog Bailey. He is 12 years old.

“We used to live on the Riverfront, and he had a bunch of stairs and there were some hills. Market Street has been flat, and now he has an elevator where we live. It’s like we moved for our dog, so he could have a better life.

“That's not entirely true. It’s just the two of us and our dog, and we had three bedrooms. We decided to try going much smaller. We went down to 823 square feet. We got rid of probably over half of our stuff and we're just really enjoying feeling much lighter, in terms of possessions.

“We were in Atlanta before we came up here. What’s so surprising to us is how much we do walk, versus Atlanta, which is a driving city. We found when we first moved up here we weren't using the car as much. I walk to work – it's a very enjoyable commute. We walk to the places we eat at, Chelsea, Ernest & Scott. I really like Merchant Bar – that's a fun one to go to. And La Fia. We've really enjoyed Twisted Soul. We went when they had the harvest party at the community gardens – we're really just living within our neighborhood and enjoying that.

“We’ll do a longer walk on the weekend, down to Starbucks in the Nemours Building. We grab ourselves coffee, him water, take a break and then we go down to walk the Brandywine as well. He's been enjoying his longer walks on the weekends.

“We definitely recognize the other dogs in town, when we're out there everyday. There's quite a few regulars. Bailey seems to love all the people on the street when he's walking by. He gets so many comments about himself, like, ‘Ohhh, such a cute dog.’ So he's been loving it.



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