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One-pound dark and milk chocolate assortment ($25.85)

There’s a little bit of everything in there – fruit-filled, nuts, creams, chews – freshly made in a candy kitchen located just above Market Street.

Available at Govatos Chocolates, 800 N. Market St., www.govatoschocolates.com

Nick Govatos’ great uncle came to America at the dawn of the 20th century and made Delaware a bit sweeter by opening Govatos Chocolates on the corner of Market and 8th. More than 100 years later, they’re still making chocolates and their fillings in that classic candy kitchen, with copper kettles over gas-fired stoves, old fashioned cream beaters and a marble slab that’s been cooling creams since the place opened in 1912.

Nick, on what you should go buy right now: “The top, top seller in both stores is our one pound milk and dark chocolate assortment which has a little bit of everything that we manufacture. Large companies start to prepare for Christmas in the summertime. So, they're making the batches of cream and they throw it in the freezers. Ours is an absolutely fresh product. The inventory is governed very closely because we don't mass-produce over and above our needs."

About caramel apple season (October): "They’re exceptional, I have to tell you. We not only make them, but we eat them. Our niche is homemade, time-proven, wonderful caramel. You've got to taste it. We sell so much caramel. People buy a pound of just that item, so we explicitly have the month of October designated for apples and then we shut it down. We sell them fast and furious."



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