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Hunter Clarke-Fields, mindfulness mama mentor at hunteryoga.com, on being a founding board member of First State Montessori on French Street, listening to what the city teaches, and signs from her dad.

“My oldest is ... I guess you could call her a quintessential Montessori kid. She just loves learning, loves reading. She's read the whole Harry Potter Series seven times over. She can't wait to go to school in the morning. My youngest daughter is really amazing ... she is a very gentle soul, very empathetic with her friends. And she's an incredible climber -- she could climb before she could walk. She's a character."

“Montessori is about developing the individual learner in so many different ways. [The students] have more choice in what they would like and how they would like to learn. You all learn the same concepts, you all learn it to the fullest degree, but the variable is how much time it takes you to learn it."

“The kids go to the library all the time, and go to the theater -- the Grand Opera House and the Playhouse. They've done work with the ballet company in the Grand. And there’s one class that takes swim lessons at the Walnut Street Y, which is right behind the school. It's awesome that they get to do all these things."

“Yesterday, I picked them up and we walked up to Market Street, got a snack at BrewHaHa, and then we walked down to the art supplies store and the bookstore. I want them to have that experience, of being in a city and what it has to offer."

“My dad was a sign maker. That's his last sign. He donated all the labor for that sign to the school. It's a hand-carved, gold-leaf sign, which is not your usual sign. It's really beautiful.”



North Market Street | Wilmington, DE

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