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Leather Tote Bag – Cat Woman Series ($175)

Original, hand-painted designs combine pop-art energy with high-fashion finesse.

Available at Sore Thumb Designs, 316 N. Market St., www.sorethumbdesignsllc.com

Artist Lawrence Moore (a.k.a. Pete Darker) takes ordinary bags – fabric, vinyl, leather – and transforms them into something designed to capture attention, with slightly saucy designs that express both power and playfulness. And yes, he takes requests for original designs.

Inspiration: “I always want to stand out. That's the reason why I call myself Sore Thumb Designs. I try to make sure everybody has something that's uniquely fashionable. You always want that one item where everybody asks you where you got it from. You don't always have to have the traditional style, this conservative way. I look at it now like, man, nobody's promised tomorrow. If you can have fun, do it. Express yourself.”

About that name: “When I was younger, I always wanted to be Spider-Man. So when I started painting, I'd sign stuff and I kept saying ... Peter Parker, Peter Parker, Pete Parker ... Pete Darker. Yeah. I'm the black Spider-Man -- Pete Darker!"



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