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Ninety-degree angles. Greyscale tones. Pops of color. Chris Medina drew on his twin loves of classic design and the old city of New York to plan his apartment at The Residences at Rodney Square. "We chose this specific apartment because we enjoy an urban environment and liked the aesthetic of both the building and the apartment. The fact that it's connected to the Ernest & Scott Taproom was a plus as well. Being able to just go downstairs from your apartment within the same building and get good food was a good selling point."

Elements of design, explained:

The photos on the wall: "I love black and whites. All the photos were all taken in New York, and they're all older photos. Basically, they're photos that I found online, on a Facebook page, Old Something New York. [Editor's Note: We're pretty sure the page is "Old Images of New York."] My family's from Brooklyn, and my girl is from New York, from Long Island, and I love the city."

That one red chair: "I brought that with me from when I lived in Houston for a little bit. I needed a pop of color. If you notice, the frames are either black, white or grey, but there are a couple that are red. The idea was to have something that caught your eye, that popped out against everything else, to just have a little contrast here and there."

That really nice bar set behind the sofa: "It just so happened that it fit perfectly. We wanted all the rooms to have a separate bar, and we wanted something that looked classy and clean, so we got that mirrored tray from Williams Sonoma. I wanted to have something that you might see back in the day in a bar in New York, with the bottles on it, something that would play against the modern theme but still fit in."

The stand with the two elevated bowls: "They're two dog bowls. We have two Great Danes, so we need to have bowls elevated for them. It's just a lot easier for the dogs to eat out of the bowls when they're elevated like that. There’s a lot that are wooden or plastic, but they just didn't fit with everything, so we found these dog bowls online. I like to have everything perpendicular, vertical and horizontal. I don't have angles in the apartment. Everything is very rectilinear."

The guitar: "The guitar is actually one of my brothers. He had given it to me when I first moved back, and I needed something to hide some wires back there. You can only do so much, and then there are wires somewhere."



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